Ryan Marie – Instructor Spotlight

Ryan is originally from New York where she began her dance education as a child. Through college she stayed involved by joining the Dance Organization at Florida Atlantic University, and even after graduation she kept up with adult classes throughout Central Florida. It was here in Orlando that she found her true passion for Aerial Arts. She trained in several different schools locally until she found her home at Circus-Arts where she has performed and trained continuously for the past eight years.

While her main focus is in Aerial Silk, she also has been trained on several other apparatuses including Lyra, Hammock, Cloud Swing, Aerial Net, Lollipop Lyra and her latest act is on an Aerial German Wheel! When she is not doing silks she is a Photographer with Steven Miller Photography!

Though I had a small background in Dance, I could barely hold myself up when I started Silks. Aerial Silks are a beast that will just keep coming at you with obstacles. It was a long journey for me to build up the strength and make everything come together and look good so, I love working with people who share the passion and are willing to persist!