PSO Recap! (Spoiler: Our Studio Killed It!)

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As you are probably already aware, Lotus Fitness Studio turned out big time for Pole Sport Organization Southeast competition last weekend. We are so proud of our students and instructors for all their hard work leading up to the competition, and we represented ourselves beautifully!

Our crew performed throughout the entire day, starting off with a bang as Cece took the stage around 10 am! She rocked with a fun and sexy celebration of luscious booties. Later that morning, Becky brought us all to tears with an Up themed piece. In the middle of the day, studio owner Cari wowed us with a slinky, sexy low-flow routine, and Kelly brought the heat, covered in ashes and casting some serious intensity with her floorwork. In the dramatic category, Rae literally slayed in a grim-reaper themed piece. In the evening, Elaine left a lot of jaws on the floor with her glittering exotic routine, and Lynn hypnotized us all with that famous swirling umbrella. Bringing the evening to a close, Paige took us to the stars with her pole dance re-imagining of Dr. Who versus the weeping angels.

So many hours and bruises go into creating and perfecting a pole dance routine. All that hard work was so worth it; the Lotus team looked polished and perfect on the stage, and we all had a story to tell. All of the competitors send our deepest gratitude to the instructors who helped us choreograph and who held our hands through an anxiety-inducing process. Brittany Bate, Allison Sipes, and Asatta Jones were all essential in our success as a studio.

Performing is not for everyone, but it can be such a great inspiration to work harder and become stronger, pushing yourself in a direction you may never have expected. Part of what makes pole so amazing is that you don’t have to start from a toddler to become a competitor! A million thanks to the Pole Sport Organization and Amy Guion for organizing this great event. We look forward to participating again as a studio, and we’ll see you in the air!


Results for our competitors:

Gold medals:


Becky Klipin


Lynn Green

Kaitlin Oberholtzer

Silver medals:


Elaine Diaz

4th place:

Paige Anderson

5th place:

Kelly Walker


It started so early in the morning….

Becky nailed her cocoon!



Friends who train together win together!

Kat, feeling victorious even before she took the stage!

Congrats, Darth Kat!

Paige’s Dr. Who theme!

This image got us all going!

The whole Lotus Crew!

Cari’s costume was stunning!

Much love for our coaches!

Awards ceremony. So much to celebrate!

Elaine’s allegra was on point!

Lynn wowed us in her colorful outfit!


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