Make It Rain w/Elizabeth Carmine Black ~ November 4th @ 11:30 am

It’s the offical day of Dance Filthy USA and we want to kick it off with non-other than the queen of low floor and 2016 Dance Filthy USA winner!

Get ready to strap on your heels as we slap, smack, and clack our way across the floor. In this workshop we will explore different ways to swag out your sexy. With a fusion of sultry flow and ass-tastic floorwork; you will learn how to hair whip, ass slap and heel clack with style. The workshop will incorporate leg play on and off the pole, low flow, and pole work.

Layers are HIGHLY suggested (leggings, legwarmers, knee pads, socks, and a tee-shirt). Your feet and knees must be covered. Sexy wear is encouraged and recommended.

$85 for 2 Hour Workshop