Pole Dance

Introduction to Pole Dance

If you have NEVER taken a pole dance class start here.  In this class you will learn the fundamentals of pole dance technique & strength training. From walking around the pole, to basic spins and floor work you will walk away with all you need to join our beginner level classes.


Pole Dance 1/Beginner

It’s time to take what you’ve learned in Intro to Pole classes and bring it to the next level. This class was created to teach you everything you need to know in order to progress to Level 2 classes. You won’t only have a great time but you will get an amazing cardio and strength training full body work out. Learn how to spin and move smoothly around the pole and build your strength to prepare you for inversions.

*Must have taken at least 4-6 INTRO to POLE classes.*


  • Cross ankle fireman, 
  • Dip turn/360/step around
  • Back hook spin
  • Lady sit
  • At least 1 Static Intro Class

Pole Dance 2/ Intermediate

This class is for those who are already working on basic spins & climbs and want to take it to the next level. You will be learning more advanced climbs, spins, transitions, and floor work.

*This class requires that you have mastered Pole 1*


  • Basic pole climb on spin & static, 
  • One handed spins on static and spin
  • Pull up crunch
  • Layout/check mark, 
  • Cross ankle/knee release

Pole 3 Dance / Advanced

For students who feel very comfortable with inversions, leg hangs, climbing, and pole spins.  If you are comfortable with all your Pole 2 progress, we are ready to take you to the next level of strength and grace. In this class we raise the bar with more advanced inversions and holds as well as spins. You will learn how to put it all together in some beautiful combos, as we help you find your own strength and style.

*This class requires that you have mastered Pole 2.


  • Comfortable aerial inverting, 
  • Clean inside/outside leg hangs

Pole 4 Dance / Master

This is where the pros come to play. You will learn everything the pros know how to do, from handspring variations, to drops and moves that will test the limits of your strength and flexibility. Whether an athlete, or a performer, learn how to create and deliver a powerful, clean and dazzling performance.


AURA Cardio Pole

Get ready to burn monster calories!!!! Learn easy to follow choreographed routines to fun, sexy, high energy songs on the pole, with each routine taught and broken down by Aura’s dynamic, experienced, certified instructors.

All fitness levels and pole dance abilities benefit from this highly effective, fun, super sexy cardio pole dance class. Aura Cardio Pole combines traditional aerobic dance, burlesque and exotic pole dance, spins and climbs, creating a fast paced, addictive and cutting edge class that will have your craving MORE!

Pole Combos & Flow

*This class requires that you have mastered Pole 1 and at Pole 2 Level*

This class is for those who are comfortable with Beginner and Intermediate Pole tricks, spins & climbs and want to learn how to put some of it together to create smooth combos and transitions.

Only for students who have mastered Pole 1, have prior training or been approved by an instructor to take this class.


This class combines choreographed dance routines with pole spins to create a dynamic show. Add spice to your pole dancing skills, while perfecting transitions and artistry through this total body workout. Learn sexy dance moves while strengthening your thighs, abs, and glutes. Master a choreographed dance, while learning sizzling combinations.

*Must have mastery of basic pole spins.

Pole Tricks & Floorwork

Once you have mastered the moves in Pole 2, you will be excited to discover new challenges. This class is designed to join floorwork and pole tricks. Our clients will learn new tricks, climbs and spins. You will also be able to perfect the tricks that you have already learned. There will be no choreography taught in this class. You will also Learn to take your pole dancing skills to the next level by incorporating some sexy ground work in your routine. 

*Any type of workout attire works well for this class, however we recommed socks that come over your knee or knee pads
*Students must be able to pole climb and invert to take this class.

Pole Conditioning

This class is a great strength building workout! One hour of total body fitness that will strengthen, lengthen and tone your body for optimal performance every day – a great way to build your strength for your next pole level, or for other sports activities. Pole work including climbing, pull-ups and leg work. Other activities will include pole tricks and transitions that help build muscle strength, planks, press ups, sit ups, squats, general pulse raiser moves and more.
*Must have attended at least three intro classes before attending this class


Find what moves are most natural to you, and start building sequences that you can depend on to evolve your signature free style. This is a guided improv dance class that will focus on tapping into each individuals most organic/natural flowing movement. Students must bring a notepad, pen/pencil & device to film themselves (phone, ipod, ipad, etc). But don’t worry only you will be filming/watching yourself. This is a great way for dancers and people with no dance experience to share a space while feeling perfectly comfortable. By the end of each class you will have a better idea of what your freestyle strengths are!

Floor Play

Learn to take your pole dancing skills to the next level by incorporating some sexy ground work in your routine. You will slither and slide your way into a more graceful you by adding this into you portfolio.  Any type of workout attire works well for this class, however we recommed socks that come over your knee.

Open Pole Dance

Come in a practice what you’ve learned in class. This will be an instructional time where you can get help, advice, or spotting on anything you would like to work on.

Slow & Sexy Pole

There is no law against being a little sexy. Do you want to entice your partner? Have a desire to be more sensual? Then ladies, this is a class for you. Leave all your inhibitions at home and join us for a full hour of sexy fun!