Heidi Coker Workshop

Sunday, April 30th @ 11:00am – Pole’tasticGymnastics with Heidi Coker

All Levels – 90 mins
As a forever gymnast I love to incorporate gymnastic and acromoves on and off the pole. When I look at pole, I see handstands and cartwheels everywhere! In this class I will show you technique to strengthen moves that use handstands and cartwheels on the floor and pole, and introduce you to other acroinspired moves. Adding acroelements both off and on the pole can add a new dimension to your pole practice. And they are a great way to build body awareness that can help you in every aspect of pole.

1:00pm – Floor 2 Pole Transitions
All Levels: 90 mins
Create seamless transitions onto and off of the pole. Use your floor space to make interesting shapes and add another level of creativity to your combos! We will work on transitions from the floor onto the pole, and from the pole down to the floor in new and interesting ways.