Alethea Austin Workshops


6-7:15~Floor Work SEXY FLEXY®
Sexy Flexy®: to make the most refined, fluid, and extended movement possible. This 75 minute training is taught by Alethea Austin, US Pole Federation Dance Champion 2010 and Miss Sexy 2009. Learn to develop the body awareness and techniques necessary to create the illusion of weightless, rolling movements as seen in Alethea’s signature floor-work. This training includes a routine and instruction on moves such as leg flare, candlesticks, and fish flops. Open to all levels at or above Pole 1.


Behold the power of the body wave. Pole dancing will go down in history as one of the most fluid captivating and sexy forms of dance ever created. Put your heels on and get ready to rule the pole in full Sexy Flexy style. Sexy Flexy®: to make the most refined, fluid, and extended movement possible. This 75 minute training features signature choreography suitable for all levels taught by Alethea Austin, US Pole Dance Federation Champion 2010 and Miss Sexy 2009. Open to all levels at Pole 1 or above. Uses Pole and Floor.


With raw talent, unparalleled sensual movement, a mesmerizing stage presence, and a bit of bad girl attitude, Alethea Austin is regarded as one of the foremost pole dancers in the world, known for her Sexy Flexy™ style and raw, gritty, powerful performances. She is the owner of Nashville’s popular, premier pole dance studio, The Chrome Bar, which opened in 2013.

A former U.S. pole dance champion and visual artist, Alethea leveraged her creative expertise on and off the stage to create Miss Pole Dance America (MPDA), a competition packed with stunning visuals, great music and unforgettable performances from the top pole dancers across the nation. Premiering in 2015, MPDA rose to the top of the industry as the nation’s premier pole dance competition, which Alethea again will produce in Nashville in 2016.

After making her pole debut in 2009, Alethea has become a cult favorite with a massive following both inside and beyond the pole dance community. She has performed with some of the world’s best dancers, traveled extensively to more than 300 gyms and studios around the world teaching her signature workshops, earned numerous elite competition titles, created an international brand complete with DVDs and apparel, and appeared in music videos and major motion pictures, including “Rock of Ages.” Since moving to Nashville in 2012, she has not only opened The Chrome Bar to great success and earned extensive media exposure, but also has created, directed and starred in “Live Dancing Girls,” an ongoing Nashville dance revue.

Born and raised in Indiana, Alethea is a down-to-earth, small-town girl who dreams big with a wild heart, making her an incredibly personable, yet savvy business woman.

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